Supplier Scheduling

    Supplier scheduling is used to calculate, maintain and communicate planning and shipping schedules to your supplier partners.

Planning schedules are used to convey long-range requirement forecasts, and to optionally include order releases and material authorizations, which are commitments to fund investment in raw materials and processing for projected requirements.

Shipping schedules are used to convey firm requirements such as order releases.

Schedules comprise of unimplemented MRP/MPS/DRP planned orders, approved requisitions and approved supply agreement releases for specific suppliers, supplier/site combinations, items and ship-to organizations.


Comparison: Schedule Types


Planning Schedule

Shipping Schedule

Simulation Schedule


Communicate long-range forecast requirements.

Communicate near term “firm” requirements; generally with a Forecast Planning Schedule.

View up-to-date item information.




Play simulation games with alternate MRP/MPS/DRP plans.




Manually build forecasts for negotiation activities.

Generation Frequency



On Demand

Planning Horizon

4-24 months

3-4 weeks


Bucket Pattern

Weeks, Months, Quarters



Include multiple Ship-to Organizations



Yes, if you are building a Planning Schedule.

Include Resource Authorizations




EDI Transaction Set




Specify ASL attribute

Generate Planning Schedules

Generate Shipping Schedules



  1. Create an item RK1TESTITEM


  2. Create a supplier




  3. Create a Blanket Purchase agreement



    Ensure that the Supply Agreement is checked. If this is checked, all the blanket releases against this blanket purchase agreement would be considered while building the schedule


  4. Create Approved Supplier List



    Associate BPA


    Also enable Planning schedule and shipping schedule


  5. Create Sourcing Rule



  6. Assign Source rule to assignment Set




  7. Create Blanket Release



  8. Setup Supplier Scheduling Options

    Define Scheduling options for the organization


Comparison: Schedule Subtypes

Schedule Type

Subtype (Type)



Forecast All

Conveys all quantities as forecast information.



Includes quantities taken from approved releases, approved requisitions, and unimplemented MRP/MPS/DRP planned orders.



Can include Supply Agreement Releases.



Shows past due requirements.



Conveys firm requirements when used with the Shipping Schedule.





Forecast Only

Conveys forecast information only.



Includes quantities taken from approved requisitions and unimplemented
MRP/MPS/DRP planned orders.



Does not include Supply Agreement Releases.



Does not show past due requirements.



Conveys firm requirements when used with the Shipping Schedule; however, do not use Forecast Only for organizations that have CUM-based forecasts.





Material Release

Conveys firm requirements taken from approved releases of Blanket Purchase Agreements that are identified as Supply Agreements.



Conveys forecast quantities.



Includes Authorizations for each supplier item, if specified.



Shows past due requirements.



May not require a business requirement for the Shipping Schedule.





Release Only

Conveys firm quantities only.



Derives requirements from approved Supply Agreement Releases.



Shows past due requirements.





Release and Forecast

Conveys firm quantities.



Conveys forecast quantities.



Shows past due requirements.



  1. Build the schedule


    Select the Schedule (either Planning or Shipping). Other parameters default from options. Then Build the schedule



  2. View the schedule


    Search by Supplier


    Schedule Number will be created for this item


    Note that there is 1 release which is in Past Due



    When you click on Orders button, you can see the documents (in this case blanket release) with due date and quantity


  3. Create safety stock


    We want to assign Safety stock so that when we run the plan, we can see planned orders


  4. Run collections and plan


  5. View Plan results


    Planned order is created for quantity 23 (since safety stock = 25 and incoming PO has quantity 2)


  6. Run Push Plan Information

    This will Push the supply information from Planning to ERP(transaction) instance

  1. Build the schedule again




  2. View the schedule


    Search by Supplier


    Schedule Number will be created for this item


    Item Schedule will show the orders bucketed by day

    Click on Orders to see all the Supplies

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