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Kanban Replenishment

Kanban is a means of supporting pull-based replenishment in manufacturing systems. A Kanban system is a self-regulating pull system that leads to shorter lead times and reduced inventory. Kanban systems are typically applied to items that have relatively constant demand…

Discrete Job – Outside Processing

    This post covers the entire business process for outside processing. In case of Manufacturing, outside processing job can be one operation among several operations for making a finished good. To simplify the business case I am considering only 1 operation…

Supplier Scheduling

    Supplier scheduling is used to calculate, maintain and communicate planning and shipping schedules to your supplier partners. Planning schedules are used to convey long-range requirement forecasts, and to optionally include order releases and material authorizations, which are commitments to fund…

Inventory Optimization

Following steps gives details of setting up an Inventory Optimization plan. For setting up Inventory optimization plan, we first need to have items classified under ABC groups. Define ABC Classes   ABC classes to identify the value groupings to which…

Sourcing Rule Assignments

Below query gives details of sourcing rules

Below query gives details of sourcing rule assignments. This does not consider Bill of distribution assignments. Also this query assumes that items are associated rather than item categories

Following query gives…

Consigned Inventory

    Consigned Inventory is used to manage material owned by Third party. So supplier places the inventory in customer’s store or warehouse and allows them to sell or consume it. Customer purchases the stock only after he resells the stock or…

Webservice call from PLSQL

This article demonstrates the way we can call a webservice from oracle PLSQL. For the purpose of the demonstration we will be calling webservice provided by ‘AddressDoctor’ [] for validating an address. We will build the SOAP request XML file…

Scheduled Programs Query

Below query gives the list of concurrent programs that are scheduled

For viewing more details about concurrent program, navigate to this link For viewing more details about concurrent requests, navigate to this link

Concurrent Request Queries

Below query gives the details of concurrent request(s)

For viewing more details about a concurrent program, navigate to this link

Concurrent Program Queries

Following queries gives details about concurrent program 1. Query to retrieve concurrent program or request set details

For viewing more details about concurrent request, navigate to this link 2. Query to retrieve the parameters for a concurrent program